Hill’s Global Symposium 2018
‘Adventures of Ageing: Early Chronic Kidney Disease & getting older’.

197 delegates from > 32 countries attended live in Lisbon

> 10,000 participants joined a unique 24 hour livestream

> €10,000 donated to DOGS FOR GOOD charity

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Nutrition in clinical practice. Is it more than just selling bags and opening cans? – Nick Cave 1
Now, why did I come here? A look at cognitive dysfunction in aging pets – Kersti Seksel 1
Keys to managing Feline Diabetes Mellitus- Katie Lott 1
Beyond osteoarthritis: other orthopaedic conditions in ageing dogs – Chris Tan 1
Latest advances in managing mitral valve insufficiency in aging dogs – Rob Labuc 1
Adapting to a New Diet During Dog Domestication: How Dogs Coped with the Agricultural Revolution – Dr Erik Axelsson 1
Factors involved in the progression of CKD – Harriet Syme 1
Vitamin D metabolism and canine chronic kidney disease – Valerie Parker 1
Nutritional management of early CKD: IRIS Stage 1 and 2 – Angela Witzel 1
Modulation of the RAAS as a treatment for CKD – Harriet Syme 1
Dogs are good for us – Peter Gorbing 1
Why is Dr Google so popular, and should vets be worried? – Zoe Belshaw 1
How can digital & social media help your practice? – David Glenwright 1
New ideas for old pets: Understanding poor owner compliance in elderly patients – Zoe Belshaw 1
Speaker Panel Discussion 1 NA
Nutritional Myths – Nutrition is our first ingredient – Dr. Becky Mullis 1
Nutritional management of canine urinary stone disease – Dr. Eva Furrow 1
Feline CKD: Getting Sick Cats to Eat – Kathy Gross & Melissa Vanchina 1
The Science of Fighting the Effects of Aging with Nutrition – Kathy Gross & Jodi Vondran 1
Dietary Influences on the GI Microbiome – Jennifer Radosevich 1
Food Is Love…..For the GI Microbiome – Dr Jen MacLeay 1
Nutritional management of Feline Idiopathic Cystitis: What’s the Evidence?- Dr. John Kruger 1
Microbiome – Dr. Jan Suchodolski 1
Dietary Management of Primary Enteropathies- Dr. Katie McGonigle 1
Is Ageing Inevitable? Understanding the Biology of Ageing – Jennifer Tullet 1
Sarcopenia of ageing and cachexia in dogs and cats – Valerie Parker 1
Telomeres: Beginning to understand the end. Can we defeat the aging process? – Joyce De Vos-Houben 1
Myths about senior cat and dog nutrition – Ronald Corbee 1
Innovations in nutrition for ageing cats and dogs – Dennis Jewell 1
Not all gloom and doom for vet clinics! – Jeroen van Dam 1
How to successfully embrace digital disruption as a business owner – Casper Fransz 1
Top mistakes veterinarians make with social media – Justine Lee 1

Meet Lizzie (cute black Labrador, born on the 20th March 2018) and Pippa (lively yellow lab, born on 16th February 2018).
Hill’s fundraising during #HGS2018 has enabled the Dogs for Good Charity to provide the support and early training for Lizzie and Pippa during first year with their puppy socialisers – Heidi and Andrew, who live in UK. It will also provide puppy starter kits which includes a crate, bed, food, water bowls, toys, identification working jacket, lead flash, collar and lead.
At around the age of sixteen months puppies socialisation will come to an end and they will return to Dogs For Good training centre in Banbury to meet their trainers.
We hope you will enjoy following these puppies progress during this very important first year, as well as further help Dogs for Good to support these puppies to complete their full training by making a personal donation via Fundraising Page.