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'Adventures of Ageing'


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Nutrition in clinical practice. Is it more than just selling bags and opening cans? - Nick Cave 1
Now, why did I come here? A look at cognitive dysfunction in aging pets - Kersti Seksel 1
Keys to managing Feline Diabetes Mellitus- Katie Lott 1
Beyond osteoarthritis: other orthopaedic conditions in ageing dogs - Chris Tan 1
Latest advances in managing mitral valve insufficiency in aging dogs - Rob Labuc 1
Adapting to a New Diet During Dog Domestication: How Dogs Coped with the Agricultural Revolution - Dr Erik Axelsson 1
Factors involved in the progression of CKD - Harriet Syme 1
Vitamin D metabolism and canine chronic kidney disease - Valerie Parker 1
Nutritional management of early CKD: IRIS Stage 1 and 2 - Angela Witzel 1
Modulation of the RAAS as a treatment for CKD - Harriet Syme 1
Dogs are good for us - Peter Gorbing 1
Why is Dr Google so popular, and should vets be worried? - Zoe Belshaw 1
How can digital & social media help your practice? - David Glenwright 1
New ideas for old pets: Understanding poor owner compliance in elderly patients - Zoe Belshaw 1
Speaker Panel Discussion 1 NA
Nutritional Myths - Nutrition is our first ingredient - Dr. Becky Mullis 1
Nutritional management of canine urinary stone disease - Dr. Eva Furrow 1
Feline CKD: Getting Sick Cats to Eat - Kathy Gross & Melissa Vanchina 1
The Science of Fighting the Effects of Aging with Nutrition - Kathy Gross & Jodi Vondran 1
Dietary Influences on the GI Microbiome - Jennifer Radosevich 1
Food Is Love.....For the GI Microbiome - Dr Jen MacLeay 1
Nutritional management of Feline Idiopathic Cystitis: What’s the Evidence?- Dr. John Kruger 1
Microbiome - Dr. Jan Suchodolski 1
Dietary Management of Primary Enteropathies- Dr. Katie McGonigle 1
Is Ageing Inevitable? Understanding the Biology of Ageing - Jennifer Tullet 1
Sarcopenia of ageing and cachexia in dogs and cats - Valerie Parker 1
Telomeres: Beginning to understand the end. Can we defeat the aging process? - Joyce De Vos-Houben 1
Myths about senior cat and dog nutrition - Ronald Corbee 1
Innovations in nutrition for ageing cats and dogs - Dennis Jewell 1
Not all gloom and doom for vet clinics! - Jeroen van Dam 1
How to successfully embrace digital disruption as a business owner - Casper Fransz 1
Top mistakes veterinarians make with social media - Justine Lee 1