Hill's Global Symposium 2022
— itching eased, joy retrieved

On-Demand Lectures

View lectures from veterinary experts as presented during the Hill’s Global Symposium 2022 Event. Gain a deeper understanding of topics related to Dermatology and nutrition through this series of 30-minute presentations.
Up to 6.5 hours of continuing education credits are available.

The lectures are available within the Hill's Veterinary Academy.
Click on the link below and follow 3 easy steps to watch the on-demand lectures.

For Existing Users

Step 1: I have a Hill’s Account

Step 2: Enter login credentials & sign-in

Step 3: Click on the "View Symposium" button to watch the on-demand lectures

For New Users

Step 1: I do not have a Hill’s Account

Step 2: Register for a Hill’s account & access to Hill’s Learning Center

Step 3: Confirm your registration, check your email & ‘click’ link to validate

Step 4: Follow steps for I have a Hill’s account (see above)

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